A highly customizable rhythm game


Project Heartbeat features full integration with the Steam Workshop, which allows you to get your charts and other mods directly from the game, without copying any files. You are also allowed to share them outside the workshop without any restrictions.

Featuring many official songs

We know, most of you are here for the custom songs, but PH also features some very nice songs, mostly Eurobeat, but also other genres. They come with high quality charts made by top community charters!

Check the official song list here!

Professional-grade chart editor

Made with feedback from the community, the Project Heartbeat editor is deep but easy to pick up and play around with. Be sure to read the official tips and tricks, and ask around in our Discord server if you get lost!

Customize to your heart's content

Project Heartbeat comes with the ability to customize the note icons. you can also obtain new resource packs on the Steam Workshop.

The game includes a resource pack editor tool, you can it use to make your own packs, which are automatically optimized!

Made for enthusiast rhythm gamers

When building Project Heartbeat and the Shinobu Engine (the engine on which it runs on) we set out the goal to make this not just an ordinary rhythm game, for this reason the game's engine has many highly technical engine-level improvements to reduce audio latency, increase performance, improve video playback and more over the Godot Engine it's based on, our modification is known as the Shinobu Engine.

For those of you that know about this stuff, yes, we support the Windows 10+ exclusive WASAPI low latency mode, hurray! We also plan to upgrade the engine to Godot 4.0, for native vulkan support.

Inside the game, you can adjust many parameters, such as note size, timing methods, audio lag compensation, joystick deadzones and a long et cetera.

PPD players welcome

Since we figured some of you would come from PPD, Project Heartbeat contains a migration tool that allows you to migrate your whole PPD song library*, PH also features a tool to download most PPD songs with relative ease from the PPD website.

The ability to import PPD charts into the editor so you can use PH specific features is also available!

*Support for some PPD features isn't perfect, as they rely on the FlowScript system that PPD uses, but most charts should be perfectly playable

Optimized for the Steam Deck

Project Heartbeat is made with the Steam Deck and other portable PCs in mind. The game is entirely playable without ever using a mouse or a keyboard. For the rare instance where keyboard input is needed we support Steam Big Picture's on screen keyboard.

Much, much more to come

Project Heartbeat is still in early access and under constant development, so expect to see many new features in the future, some current major features beind studied include actual 3D backgrounds and game UI skinning.

You can follow development of the game on our Twitter account and our Discord server!

Project Heartbeat FAQ

What platforms is Project Heartbeat available for?

Project Heartbeat is available for Windows and Linux on Steam. we recommend to play the game on Linux as it will provide the better gaming experience.

What controllers does Project Heartbeat support? Does it support Steam Input?

Some controllers are automatically supported, this includes but is not limited to: the DualShock 4, the Xbox 360 controller, the Xbox One controller, the DIVALLER (in PS4 mode) and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Steam input support is planned to become available with the release of the game's revamped engine update.

What are the minimum system requirements?

  • Windows 10/11 or Linux
  • A quad core CPU
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • A powerful GPU with Vulkan support
  • 1 GB of storage

What engine does Project Heartbeat run on?

Project Heartbeat runs on a heavily modified version of the Godot Engine, this modified version is known as the Shinobu Engine.

Does Project Heartbeat support macros?

Yes, buttons can be assigned to more than one action, special care has been put into the game so holds can't be exploited through macros.

How many songs are currently planned?

When the game was announced, we had only secured five songs from Sugano, however the situation improved over time and the number is now much higher, please read the songs page for the specifics.

Can I stream Project Heartbeat without fear of copyright claims?

The authors behind the official songs in the game are usually friendly towards it being streamed and monetized in the context of the game, however we cannot make any guarantees for community-made charts using third party content.